Neopost Mid Atlantic Is Your Local Partner

Neopost Mid Atlantic delivers the mailing, business communications management and shipping hardware and software solutions you need. Today, mail center technicians and managers rely on Neopost Mid Atlantic as their physical mail processing, digital communication and shipping partner.

Our success is built on leading-edge technology and an uncompromising commitment to customer service. Neopost Mid Atlantic creates individual mail processing, document management and data delivery solutions for you from each of our locations in McLean, Virginia and Baltimore, Maryland. Our technique is simple. We:

  • Consult with your staff and analyze your mail and document flow.
  • Provide you with a detailed recommendation that includes technology benefits, expectations, specifications, installation support, customer service and financial information.
  • Match your needs with the best solutions possible.
  • Deliver the world's most advanced mailing, document management and shipping technologies.

Neopost Mid Atlantic can help you increase revenue, reduce costs and maximize efficiency by:

  • Capturing the maximum discounted postage rates.
  • Expediting mail service that improves your cash flow and reduces daily sales outstanding.
  • Automating slow and expensive manual processes.
  • Increasing address accuracy and response rates.
  • Reducing expensive materials and consumable costs.
  • Managing, tracking and controlling all your shipping and delivery carrier expenses.
  • Designing workspaces that optimize productivity.

The professionals at Neopost Mid Atlantic are eager to offer the advanced technology, business communications management solutions and customer attention you expect and deserve.


Neopost USA

Neopost Mid Atlantic is part of Neopost USA. Neopost USA provides mailing, business communications management and shipping hardware and software solutions. For generations, Neopost USA has worked with its customers to send, receive and connect their customer communications in the most secure, efficient and professional manner possible. As businesses increasingly move to digital communications, Neopost USA continues to help its customers communicate via physical mail, digital communications and parcels. For more information on Neopost USA, visit