March 22, 2016

Historic USPS® Price Reduction Set for April 10, 2016

Rate Change Information


The U.S. Postal Service® (USPS®) is set to reduce First-Class Mail® prices by 4.3 percent on Sunday, April 10, 2016. The reduction comes with the expiration of legislation that imposed an exigent surcharge for mailing products and services for two years to help the USPS manage financial challenges.

The surcharge removal means these mailing rates will be adjusted to the following:

First-Class Mail Current Mandated Reduction
Letters (1 oz) 49 cents 47 cents
Letters additional ounces 22 cents 21 cents
Letters to all international destinations $1.20 $1.15
Metered letter (1 oz) 48.5 cents 46.5 cents
Postcards 35 cents 34 cents

Commercial prices will also decrease. A complete listing of the new prices, effective April 10, is available at

What does the rollback mean for your business?
Below are estimated savings based on average monthly spend on postal products and services:

If you spend the following on postage monthly… …you will save the following annually
Average $150 $77
Average $500 $260
Average $1,000 $516

Read more about the rollback at Poster Explorer.