The Practical and Versatile Choice for Moving Your Mail

  • Reduces time required to prepare outgoing mail
  • Saves money on postage expenses
  • Improves control and accountability of postage expenses
  • Manages all postage and shipping via Web tools and apps
  • Reduces operating costs with an ECO-friendly solution

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In today’s fast-paced work environments, business people are always looking for ways to complete jobs quickly and simply while maintaining quality and preserving integrity. The Neopost IN-600 Series delivers practical solutions that offer maximum versatility.

The 600-Series is part of the latest generation of mailing systems. Its contemporary design features clean lines, bold edges and aluminum accents. The IN-600 Series proudly wears the Neopost ECO label to announce our commitment to build and ship products in the most ecologically sound manner.


  • 110 LPM (letters per minute)
  • 35 departments standard, 100-300 department upgrade (optional)
iMeter™ Apps
  • Postal Rates App
  • Online Postal Expense Manager™ App
  • E-Services App
  • E-Services with Electronic Return Receipt App
  • neoFunds™ App
  • 50”L x 15”D x 12”H
Envelope Dimensions
  • Minimum: 3.5" x 5 "
  • Maximum: 10" x 13"
  • Thickness: Up to 1/2"
  • Orientation: Portrait or landscape