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  • Choose from a variety of apps to enhance your mail room management
  • Provides cost savings, better tracking, and operational improvements
  • Connect your mailing system to easy-to-use online tools and reports
  • Helps manage your mailing operations with a few simple clicks
  • Readily available through MyNeopost

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The Neopost iMeter™ postage meter is an Internet-connected smart device that provides many functions beyond those of traditional postage meters. Existing customers with compatible iMeters may select from a broad range of apps to enhance performance.

The Postal Rates App delivers postage rate updates automatically when the United States Postal Service® announces a change to its rates, delivery service fees or postal zones.
The Online Postal Expense Manager™ App provides web reporting on postage usage and trends by department, time period and postal class.
The Neopost E-Services App tracks all of your outgoing mail anywhere, anytime. It tells you exactly when every mail piece went out and, more importantly, when every piece arrived at its destination.
The Neopost E-Services with Electronic Return Receipt App provides you with a means to accurately track all of your outgoing mail anywhere, anytime. 
NeoFundsThe NeoFunds® App provides the flexibility and convenience of funding an iMeter™ with the download-now-pay-later NeoFunds postage payment plan. Add postage dollars to a Neopost iMeter™ postage meter with the click of a button.